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Mental Health & Chronic Stress


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This edition of the Integrative Practitioner Digital Summit focuses on mental health and chronic stress and includes the following content:


Recorded Session

Drew Ramsey, MD

Feed Your Mental Health

This session will discuss research and evidence that has expanded the nutritional psychiatry field, and will include concepts such as neuroplasticity, inflammation, and the microbiome as well as how they play a role in mental health.

Sponsored Session

Dr. Carrie Jones

Chronic Stress, Mental Health and Neurotransmitters: Where Does Treatment Start?

This lecture will focus on the physiological impacts of stress and give actionable advice on where to start treatment, nutrients to consider, and practical tools for success in practice.

Session sponsored by Ortho Molecular.

Recorded Session

Peter Bongiorno, ND, LAc

Managing Mental Health and Hormonal Balance

While most psychiatrists do not spotlight endocrinology, there is no question that one cannot adequately treat anxiety, depression, or other mental health concerns without a keen understanding of how hormones affect psychiatric balance. This session will walk through each major hormone, and connect them to neurotransmitter balance, stress response, and relationship to other hormones.

Recorded Sponsored Session

Adrian Martinez, Head of Practitioner Partnerships

Lab Ordering Masterclass with Rupa Health

Still using spreadsheets (or literally nothing) to manage and organize labwork for your patients? In the Lab Ordering Masterclass with Rupa Health you will learn not only how to start ordering labwork from 20+ specialty labs all from a single portal, but also how to effectively manage and track results for all of your patients, across all of the specialty labs.

Sponsored by Rupa Health.

Recorded Session

Austin Perlmutter, MD

Linking Immunity, Depression, and Lifestyle Modification in the Age of COVID-19

In this lecture, Dr. Perlmutter will explore newer understandings of brain changes implicated in depression with a focus on the immune system. A specific emphasis will be placed on how the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic may be influencing these pathways, and what we may be able to do to help offset these effects, especially using non-pharmaceutical strategies.

Case Study

Peter Bongiorno, ND, LAc, Julie Luzarraga, LCSW, and Bill Reddy, LAc, DiplAc, t

Mental Health and Chronic Stress: An Integrative Medicine Case Study

Recorded Presentation

Lorraine Gahles-Kildow, PhD and Nancy Gahles DC, CCH, MBSR

Burnout Syndrome (BOS)

Session originally presented at the Integrative Healthcare Symposium

Recorded Presentation

Ching-tse Lee PhD, Bonney Schaub RN, MS, PMHCNS-BC, NC-BC, and Richard Schaub, PhD

Energy Meditations for Professional Self-Care

Session originally presented at the Integrative Healthcare Symposium

Podcast Episode

Drew Ramsey, MD

Nutritional psychiatry to support patient mental health

Article Download

Carolina Brooks, ND, BA, IFMCP

Integrative approach to managing bipolar disorder

Article Download

Kellie Blake, RDN, LD, IFNCP

The food and mood connection

Article Download

Kellie Blake, RDN, LD, IFNCP

Micronutrient considerations in mental health disorders

Article Download

Kellie Blake, RDN, LD, IFNCP

An integrative nutrition approach to anxiety and depression

Article Download

Kellie Blake, RDN, LD, IFNCP

Drug-nutrient interactions in mental health disorders


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