Avery St. Onge

Avery St. Onge is the Content Specialist of Integrative Practitioner and Natural Medicine Journal. In addition to producing written content, Avery hosts the Integrative Practitioner Podcast and organizes Integrative Practitioner's webinars and digital summits. She graduated from George Washington University in 2021, where she studied journalism and mass communications. As a person with type 1 diabetes, Avery is hyperaware of the benefits of a holistic, mind/body approach to healthcare and is committed to sharing the latest news in integrative medicine.

December 8, 2023

Researchers from the University of Bergen have found significant links between history of Cesarean section, or C-section, fertility, and pregnancy

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December 4, 2023

Researchers from the University of Amherst have determined the top risk factors for elevated lead levels in drinking water at school and daycare

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November 29, 2023

A recent pilot study exploring a combination of mindfulness and exposure therapy demonstrates potential in alleviating post-traumatic stress symptoms

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November 27, 2023

New research indicates that following a Mediterranean diet is associated with a lower risk of cognitive decline in older adults. The study, published

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