February 9, 2018
Follow the quarter century journey of research and development of bovine colostrum supplements for modern human use with Sovereign Laboratories. Sovereign Laboratories celebrates 25 years as an industry leader with its signature product, Colostrum-LD®… Read More
January 22, 2018

by Laura Steenbergen, Roberta Sellaro, Saskia van Hemert, Jos A. Bosch, and Lorenza S. Colzato

Clinical Trial: The intestines and brain are intimately connected via the gut-brain axis involving bi-directional neural, endocrine, and immune

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December 15, 2017
by Douglas A. Wyatt, J.D., Sovereign Health Initiative

Millions of Americans treat their chronic pain with over-the-counter pain relievers and prescription pain medications, yet few realize that they’re actually doing more harm than good to their… Read More
July 10, 2017

IP17_Practice_management_Ebook_Tip_Sheet_225.jpgIntegrative Practitioner is pleased to offer you this exclusive free tip sheet to help you get started improving your patient practice. Whether you’re building an integrative practice from the ground up, looking to improve an existing practice, or

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June 15, 2017

bacteria-1521191_1920by Douglas A. Wyatt, J.D., Sovereign Health Initiative

More than 2,000 years ago, Hippocrates said the gut is the basis of all health. Today, researchers are confirming Hippocrates’ idea. More than two thirds of an individual’s immune

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May 30, 2017

stairs-2191615_1920by AnnAlisa Behling, N.M.D

Anti-aging should not be confined to external concerns like skin care. The general health and life expectancy of a person depends on how well they age from the inside out—from their skin, all the way down to their

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May 25, 2017

neural-pathways-221718_1920by Kenneth Proefrock, NMD

Every treatment in medicine requires a delivery method. Pills, capsules, creams, patches, intravenous, injections, and other long-used delivery systems all have advantages and disadvantages. In some cases, the delivery

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April 27, 2017

medical-1572986_960_720by Jeffrey Bland, PhD and Thomas G. Guilliams, PhD

Functional medicine can sometimes clash with the broader healthcare industry, which focuses on treating specific systems or diseases. In functional medicine, practitioners offer a more holistic

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April 13, 2017

urlby Kiran Krishnan, Microbiologist and Clinical Researcher

Bacteria were largely considered a threat for generations of doctors, but, in recent decades, science has discovered that the bacteria living in our gut are crucial to human health. The

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January 27, 2017


by Marc Bubbs, ND, CISSN, CSCS

Research shows that 90 percent of all chronic disease can be traced back to decisions people make in three areas: diet, exercise, and lifestyle. To start reversing this chronic disease crisis, physicians must grapple

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