Celebrate National Nurses Week!

This week—May 6 through May 12—marks National Nurses Week, and hospitals, doctor’s offices, and private practices throughout the country are taking the time to recognize nurses and the crucial role they play in promoting the health of the nation.

We at Integrative Practitioner would like to thank our community of registered nurses, nurse practitioners, holistic nurse coaches, and other integrative nurses for their support of the integrative healthcare movement and for the incredible work they do to improve patients’ lives on a daily basis.

The 2018 theme of National Nurses Week, according to the American Nurses Association, is “Nurses Inspire, Innovate, Influence,” and we couldn’t think of anything more fitting to describe the nurses that work with us both at Integrative Practitioner and the Integrative Healthcare Symposium. They are tireless advocates of Florence Nightingale—whose birthday happens to be May 12, the culmination of the week-long recognition—and her legacy and advocacy for public health. They are at the forefront of change for patient care and empowering individuals to take control of their own health and wellbeing. We invite you to take a moment to say a warm “thank you” to the nurses in your life.   

Part of the goal of National Nurses Week is to not only provide recognition, but to empower and support nurses with opportunities for career advancement. In fact, when nurses were asked how they would like to celebrate their event, shiny gifts seldom made the list. Instead, they asked for education and professional development—whether that’s an in-person seminar, a guest lecturer, an online course, or specialty certification exams. To recognize a nurse in your life, consider gifting them an educational resource.   

With that in mind, we rounded up some of our top integrative nursing content and educational opportunities for your perusal.

Integrative Practitioner Membership

Gain unlimited access to all of our exclusive integrative nursing content—no restrictions.

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Integrative Healthcare Symposium

Nursing continuing education credits are available at our annual conference in New York City. Registration opens in August with special early bird pricing.

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Integrative Nurse Leadership

Assess your knowledge, attitudes, values, and beliefs about what it means to be an integrative nurse leader and provide opportunity for developing skills to evolve into a high functioning integrative nurse leader.

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The Collaboration of Health & Wellness Nurse Coaches

Experience the process of an integrative assessment, clinical nutrition, reflective tools, and breath awareness practices often used in nurse coaching.

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Integrative Nursing Strategies for Patient Intervention

The principles of integrative nursing are used to illustrate how both staff nurses and advance practice nurses can skillfully move from less intensive/invasive interventions to a method that relies more on the patient’s needs/context.

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Transforming Healthcare Through Innovative Partnerships

Experiences innovative implementation processes initiated by nurses and envision possibilities for you practice setting. Aligning this process with the Nurse Coaching Model and social change theories, assess, organize, and potentially transform the whole institution. Outcome measures will be presented and will include data on nurse retention and patient outcomes.

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Interprofessional Panel Presentation on Nurse Leadership

This panel discussion examines innovative models of care and integrative nurse leadership models in interprofessional collaborative patient centered care. Panelists also explore the challenges and opportunities for improving health outcomes and provider satisfaction.

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