Biocidin Botanicals’ G.I. InnerCalm Gut Powder Wins Best New Supplement at 2023 NEXTY Awards - Yuri A/Shutterstock

Biocidin Botanicals’ new clinician-crafted gut powder, G.I. InnerCalm, was named Best New Supplement at the 2023 NEXTY Awards. The award, announced during the Natural Products Expo East in Philadelphia, recognizes the most progressive, impactful, and trustworthy products in the natural products industry.

An expansion to Biocidin Botanicals’ Restore product line, G.I. InnerCalm is designed to promote a healthy gut lining, paramount to digestive health and a growing concern among patients. According to the company, the formula combines essential nutrients and botanicals, addressing common digestive issues like occasional heartburn, bloating, and gas. And unlike traditional gut powders, it provides restorative support for mood and sleep, helping patients rest as they digest.

“Gastrointestinal issues are increasingly common, affecting over 60 percent of people in the United States,” said Biocidin Botanicals Founder and Formulator Rachel Fresco. “We hope to further simplify the path to wellness for people facing today’s complex health challenges.”

Another addition to the company’s Restore product line is an updated spore-based probiotic and herbal formula. Proflora 4R, enhanced with highly researched strains, 33 percent more colony-forming units (CFUs), and an increased number of organic botanicals, promotes microbial diversity, nutrient absorption, and a balanced gut microbiome.

Biocidin Botanicals representatives said the two new products work synergistically to support digestion and overall health.

“Both G.I. InnerCalm and Proflora 4R are intended to promote a healthy, balanced microbiome – something science has affirmed plays a key role in overall health,” said Biocidin Botanicals Director of Clinical Education and Research, Jocelyn Strand, ND. “The inclusion of botanicals that work with the body to establish balance sets these products apart.”

In addition to its Restore line, which is focused on gastrointestinal health, Biocidin Botanicals has several product lines, including Remove, Bind, Restore, Defend, and Smile, each targeting specific health needs.

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