Biocidin Botanicals Emphasizes Education, Hosts First-Ever “Gut Summit”


As a leader in natural botanical products, Biocidin Botanicals goes beyond providing clinically effective supplements when it comes to supporting practitioners and their patients. While the brand is widely known for its microbiome-balancing formulations, offering a complete line of evidence-based products designed to promote a healthy microbiome and overall wellbeing, it also provides cutting-edge education and research for practitioners who may use their products in treatment protocols.

Licensed healthcare professionals can gain access to Biocodin Academy, a benefit of the company’s free professional program, which offers dedicated support and training, including articles, videos, patient-education materials, protocols and usage guidelines, whitepapers, and more. The goal is to connect practitioners with research and information relevant to the products they may recommend to their patients.

Collaborating and sharing knowledge with practitioners is one of our core values and something to which we're deeply committed,” said Jocelyn Strand, ND, Director of Clinical Education and Research at Biocidin Botanicals.

To build on this mission, the brand hosted its first-ever “Gut Summit” earlier this year, a two-day virtual program addressing challenges in gastrointestinal health and overall wellbeing. Featuring expert perspectives from practitioners including Robert Rountree, MD, Lyn Patrick, ND, and Elisa Song, MD, topics ranged from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and the microbiome to dysbiosis and inflammation to pediatric gut health.

While the first day of the program was reserved for healthcare professionals only, Biocidin Botanicals invited practitioners and their patients to jointly attend the second day of education, which focused heavily on nutrition protocols and gut-health basics, as well as new insights into the gut-thyroid connection, the gut-liver axis, and the links between microbiome, mitochondria, and exercise performance.

Practitioners can access recordings from the summit by joining Biocidin Botanicals’ professional program. Beyond access to educational resources, lectures, and training, members enjoy premier pricing and special access to the company’s Patient Direct Program.  

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Editor's note: This article is sponsored by Biociden Botanicals.