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Editorial Staff

Associate Editor

Avery St. Onge is the Associate Editor of Integrative Practitioner. She’s a recent graduate from The George Washington University where she studied journalism and mass communications. During her time at GWU, she focused her reporting on health and wellness. She wrote articles and produced podcasts and videos about topics such as technological advancements in medicine and flaws within college health centers. As a Type 1 diabetic, she is hyperaware of the benefits of a holistic, mind/body approach to medical treatments and is committed to sharing the latest news in integrative medicine.

Contributing Editor

Linda Childers is a freelance health writer based in California. Over the past 20 years, her work has appeared in publications including The Rheumatologist, The California Health Report, Brain+Life, The Washington Post, Arthritis Today, Health Monitor, and many other national media outlets. In addition, she has created content for numerous health companies and hospitals. She believes that achieving true and lasting health involves blending Western medicine with a holistic approach to healthcare.

Contributing Editor

Brittany Vargas is a writer, trauma-informed journalist, and holistic healing practitioner who is passionate about mind-body medicine. She has held diverse roles in the communications field and has reported on wellness, travel, culture, lifestyle, and local news. As a copywriter, she helps conscious companies, lifestyle entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and Fortune 500 companies grow their audiences and influence. Brittany has a fifteen-year-long yoga and meditation practice and is an avid student of several complementary medicine modalities.

Contributing Editor

John McCormack is a Riverside, Illinois–based freelance writer who routinely covers healthcare information technology, policy, and clinical care issues. While he often writes about complex topics, he always looks to find the human stories that everyone – from healthcare executives to providers to patients – can easily relate to. McCormack’s work has appeared in a variety of healthcare consumer and business-to-business publications.


Editorial Advisory Board

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Join the Editorial Advisory Board

Integrative Practitioner Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) members are appointed for two-year terms by Integrative Practitioner staff. To express interest in joining the EAB, please email Integrative Practitioner editorial staff at [email protected].

EAB members are prominently recognized in Integrative Practitioner publications and receive a free Gold membership for their years of service. Members are required to attend a quarterly board meeting with Editorial Staff members and are encouraged to participate in special projects and interviews during their term. EAB members may be reappointed for more than one term.

Call for Submissions

In addition to content created by our Editorial Staff, Integrative Practitioner actively solicits submissions from integrative healthcare professionals, including educational articles, case studies, podcasts, webinars, and other special projects. We are looking for timely topics that include clinical takeaway and case examples. We welcome submissions from both EAB and non-EAB members.

If you are interested in submitting, please review our Editorial Guidelines and email Integrative Practitioner editorial staff at [email protected].

Editorial Guidelines