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Study shows new link between obesity and body temperature

Reduced ability to maintain body temperature in colder environments may contribute to the development of obesity in adul [...]

Fiber-fermenting bacteria improve health of type 2 diabetes patients

Promotion of a select group of gut bacteria by a diet high in diverse fibers led to better blood glucose control, greate [...]

Gluten-free diet may help people with neuropathic pain

A strict gluten-free diet may help protect against the nerve pain that some people with gluten sensitivity experience, a [...]

What the heck should we be eating?

The majority of Americans are confused about how to eat, said Mark Hyman, MD, at the 2018 Integrative Healthcare Symposi [...]

Leveraging lifestyle for brain health

Every choice that we make has a role to play in determining our brain's destiny, said David Perlmutter, MD, at the 2018 [...]

Four professions’ approach to acute and chronic pain

by Taylor Walsh A current metaphor describing the advancement of integrative practices, methods and approaches for pain [...]

Promoting optimal function throughout life

Aging is not a disease, it's a measurement of function, said Jeffrey Bland, PhD at the 2018 Integrative Healthcare Sympo [...]

Food as medicine starts in the kitchen (recipes included)

Andrea Beaman, HHC, AADP,  a natural chef and holistic health coach displayed an array of herbs and spices along the pod [...]

The future of medicine

Medicine is a collaborative partnership with patients, said Lawrence Cheng, MD, CCFP (EM), MPH today at the 2018 Integra [...]

Integrative therapies for relapse prevention in opioid treatment

by Taylor Walsh Loretta Butehorn, PhD, has been working with people with substance abuse in New England for some 30 year [...]

The psychology of safety

Convergence of Values