July 22, 2019

Music is a viable alternative to sedative medications in reducing patient anxiety prior to an anesthesia procedure, according to a Penn Medicine

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July 19, 2019

Positive family relationships could help youth to maintain good asthma management behaviors even in the face of difficult neighborhood conditions,

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July 12, 2019
Each patient we work with has their own unique story. Before they walk through the clinic doors, patients have whole lives with complicated variables… Read More
July 9, 2019

Drinking Matcha tea powder and extract have the potential to reduce anxiety, according to a new study published in the Journal of Functional Foods.

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July 3, 2019
Women are diagnosed with gestational hypertension when they have high blood pressure that develops after 20 weeks of pregnancy. It is uncomplicated… Read More
June 28, 2019
When we encourage love and connection in our patients, it feeds the soul, spirit, and their physical and mental health. Some positive psychologists… Read More
June 25, 2019
One of my favorite things about being a psychotherapist in an integrative healthcare setting is teaching people ways in which they can actively… Read More
March 30, 2018
For mental health providers to offer value to an integrative team, they need to understand what makes a mental health provider integrative.  Medical… Read More