Lisa Akers

Lisa Akers

Lisa Akers is an herbalist and spaceship builder. She enjoys solving complex problems, whether they be exploring the universe beyond, or uncovering the secrets to a client’s challenging health concerns. Trained as an engineer, Akers brings a scientific perspective to herbalism, where she focuses on evidence-based solutions and research-backed remedies combined with traditions and oral histories of our herbal elders.

Akers has a particular affinity for working with people who struggle to find solutions to their health situations. She uses structured, engineered methods to restoring health through a foundation-up strategy that considers her client’s lifestyles, tastes, and preferences. All the good health advice in the world is wasted breath if clients won’t follow it. Aker’s approach ensures clients always feel heard, understand the why behind her suggestions, and are partners in mapping out their own healing strategy.

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