Kaneka Offers Only Ubiquinol Product Available as Nutrition Ingredient


Kaneka Nutrients, a longtime manufacturer of bioidentical Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), is the only distributor of Ubiquinol as a nutritional ingredient.

In 2007, Kaneka Nutrients, a longtime manufacturer of bioidentical Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), unveiled a next-generation supplement derived from CoQ10, Ubiquinol. Backed by over 60 research studies, Ubiquinol has been shown to support heart health, healthy aging, and reproductive health.

CoQ10, also known as ubiquinone, is essential for optimum cellular energy production, enhancing stamina and overall health. However, before it can assist in energy production, CoQ10 must be converted into Ubiquinol, a reduced, active antioxidant form of conventional CoQ10. Ubiquinol is found naturally in young, healthy bodies, but with age, it becomes progressively harder to produce.

Supplemental Ubiquinol can be especially helpful for those with cardiovascular, neurological, and liver-related conditions, patients using statins, and patients over 40 years old, all of whom commonly have reduced levels of Ubiquinol and CoQ10, Sid Shastri, MSc of Kaneka Nutrients said. Ubiquinol is 2-4 times better absorbed than ubiquinone, helping to restore levels of CoQ10 quickly and efficiently. To help take the guesswork out of prescribing Kaneka Ubiquinol and other supplements to patients, Kaneka offers practitioners a buyer's guide.

Although Kaneka Ubiquinol is most well known for its benefits on heart health, research has shown that it can also support healthy aging and even reproduction. Studies indicate that Ubiquinol supports mitochondrial energy synthesis and promotes a strong antioxidant response, enhancing both male and female reproductive health.

“Ubiquinol is a clinically-researched, established anchor ingredient for cardiovascular health formulations, and it is now being utilized in preconception health,” said Ron Martin, Vice President of Kaneka Nutrients. “Research has demonstrated that mitochondrial health greatly impacts the ability of oocytes to mature and is crucial for sperm activity—-both oocytes and sperm cells have intense energetic requirements. Therefore, both women and men who wish to enhance fertility can benefit from Ubiquinol."   

Kaneka Nutrients makes and sells Ubiquinol to supplement companies within the United States and Japan. All supplements made with Kaneka Ubiquinol are marked with the Kaneka Quality Seal.

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Editor's note: This article is sponsored by Kaneka Ubiquinol.