For just pennies per impression, your company can connect with healthcare professionals eager to learn about the latest products and services in the market. With advertising, you will: 

  • Increase visibility and exposure
  • Increase market share with thought leaders and community members
  • Increase competitive advantage
  • Drive more traffic to your website

Integrative Practitioner offers both time-based and impression-based advertising. 

Time-based advertising has fixed start and end dates; on Integrative Practitioner, the minimum for a time-based purchase is one month.

Below are general advertising rates. For customized package information, please contact us.


Display Ad Specifications & Rates


Ad unit name  Size (pixels)  Max File Weight  Animation  Time-based Cost 
Full Banner 468w x 60h 40k 10 sec max $550/month
Medium Rectangle 300w x 250h 40k 10 sec max $550/month
3:1 Rectangle 300w x 100h 25k 10 sec max $550/month

All placement is ROS (Run of Site). Submission Deadline: 5 business days prior to launch date. 


Text Ad Specifications & Rates

  • Headline, 10-word maximum
  • Body Text, 50-word maximum
  • $200/month

Job Posting/Business Opportunity

  • Headline, 10-word maximum
  • Body Text, 50-word maximum
  • $100/month

Contact Information

Carmella Perrone