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December 26, 2022

While medical experts are continuing to learn the many long-term effects of COVID-19, new findings show many individuals have reported significant

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December 19, 2022

The holiday season is officially here, and with it comes the stress of getting last-minute gifts. Fortunately, Integrative Practitioner has you

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December 14, 2022

In recent years the rate of diagnosed cases of type 1 diabetes has increased dramatically. So much so, that according to Laura Neville, ND, if an

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December 1, 2022
Integrative practitioners know self-care is critical for maintaining overall health, yet prioritizing mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing, can… Read More
November 17, 2022

A recent study showed that a high salt diet increased stress levels in mice by 75 percent.

While extensive research has shown the effects of a high

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November 7, 2022

A recent study found an effective way to determine the intensity at which a patient should work out to achieve the best results, which could provide

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October 27, 2022

Total-body positron emission tomography (PET) provides a holistic view of all the body’s organs, that may lead to a better understanding of

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October 21, 2022

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services released a Request For Information (RFI), asking the public to provide insights into challenges

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