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August 27, 2021
Also known as adhesive capsulitis, frozen shoulder is so named because there can be greatly limited movement in the joint, in addition to pain in the… Read More
August 26, 2021

The global eradication of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 is likely feasible, more so than it is for polio, although considerably less so than it was

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July 23, 2021
In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the body and mind have always been thought of an inseparable continuum. As a result, physical, mental, and… Read More
July 20, 2021

The impact of high breathing efforts on the lungs of patients suffering with acute respiratory failure due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has

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July 12, 2021

A survey offered to transgender and nonbinary people across six continents and in thirteen languages shows that during the first months of the novel

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July 7, 2021

In a new study published in the journal PLOS Medicine, researchers from the University of Sydney looked at how the immune system responds to the

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June 22, 2021
While most practitioners recognize the liver’s role in helping to remove toxins from the body, it’s often forgotten that the liver performs over… Read More
June 11, 2021
Very few patients come into clinic thinking they might have Lyme disease, let alone coinfections. They don’t remember ever being bitten by a tick,… Read More