Course targets hormone imbalance to treat chronic disease

woman-591576_1920Hormone imbalances are common issues that can lead to a host of chronic diseases. Oftentimes, conventional medicine doesn't understand the significant role hormone imbalances play in many health conditions.

For years, integrative and functional medicine practitioners have known that various disorders can often be traced back to problems originating from poor hormone function. Improving hormone health can lead to alleviating or eliminating a number of issues, including allergies, chronic pain, headaches, depression, and infertility.

Physicians and medical professionals now have the opportunity to participate in a highly focused hormone treatment training course, offered through the Integrative Medicine Academy, the Hormone Mastery Course. The training provides medical professionals with tools and knowledge to quickly assess and treat common hormone imbalances.

The course, led by integrative medicine physicians Kurt Woeller, DO and Tracy Tranchitella, ND, offers comprehensive, practical knowledge in a six-module course that features clinically relevant, practical, and time-efficient material. Instruction combines live video, Q&A sessions, downloadable course materials, and customizable documents for use in practice, along with a private physician forum, exams, and a certificate of completion.

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