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Education - Āyurveda

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Āyurveda, a re-emerging traditional system of healthcare, is becoming a solid partner in the rapidly expanding field of Integrative Medicine. MMI’s College of Āyurveda was created to  to meet the growing demand for professionally trained Āyurvedic practitioners who can effectively contribute to the emerging integrative health care model in the U.S.  At Mount Madonna Institute we offer three levels of Ayurvedic education leading up to our accredited Masters Degree.  The MA-Āyurveda degree program welcomes qualified students wishing to combine advanced clinical training, academic scholarship with the application of research, and the thorough use of source texts to become expert healthcare professionals. Our MA graduates are defining the future of Āyurveda through engaging individuals and communities, sharing their research, and teaching the next generation. 

MMI will be offering a HyFlex format, allowing for remote learning options and increased financial flexibility (eliminating travel and housing costs) for all three levels of Ayurvedic training, recognized by the National Āyurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) and WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC). 

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