Daiwa Joint Health

Product Description

Daiwa Joint Health

The only choice for fast-acting, long-lasting, long-term joint health

Daiwa Joint Health is Dietary Supplement, New from Daiwa Health Development, powered by Univestin®

Univestin® is a proprietary complex derived from two (2) trusted botanicals: Scutellaris baicalensis, an herb, from Traditional Chinese Medicine, shown to maintain healthy joints and Acacia catechu, from Ayurvedic medicine, demonstrated to manage inflammation.

Univestin®, the active ingredient, can provide rapid relief for joint discomfort and stiffness.  This innovative, plant-based element addresses the following key consumer needs: Joint stiffness, Joint discomfort, Range of motion, Joint health, Scientific clinical research, Safety, Potent antioxidant, Overall wellbeing, Guaranteed pure.

Company Info

Daiwa Health Development
Hank Cheatham, Vice President, Marketing and Sales