A Pain Management Case Study: Continuing the Collaboration | Product


In today’s healthcare industry, the integrative healthcare model can take many forms. A care team may include interdisciplinary members of one clinic, or it may include a network of different practitioners in one community. In July, we released a case study collection, “The Integrative Healthcare Team: A Pain Management Case Study,” where we illustrated how an integrative care team of five practitioners might collaborate to help a fictional patient, Sandra, and the approaches they would take to address her chronic pain.

For this webinar, members of the patient’s care team we will be discussing a chronic pain case study and how members of an integrative care team interact with the patient. We will summarize the initial short-term care plans as well as long-term care management for the case patient. The panel discussion will include ample time for audience questions. 

Upon completion of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how an integrative healthcare team collaborates
  • Identify short-term care options for a common chronic pain patient
  • Engage a patient in long-term healing
  • Address common challenges for patients coping with chronic pain