The Endothelial Glycocalyx and Cardiovascular Disease: Revolutionary Concepts and Treatment | Product


This webinar will introduce exciting, new information about a structure in the body that is gaining a huge growth of attention in the scientific community: the endothelial glycocalyx. The glycocalyx protects and regulates the entire endothelium and is therefore the foundation of vascular health. It prevents cholesterol and other harmful particles from adhering to or penetrating the endothelial wall. This critical and delicate structure can be damaged by many common conditions, such as high blood glucose, oxidative stress, inflammation, aging, and several disease conditions. Recent scientific interest in the glycocalyx has exploded, with 16,000 scholarly articles published in the last 10 years. At the same time, the focus in cardiovascular medicine is shifting from the contents of the blood to the health of the arterial wall. 

Dr. Houston will discuss the clinical significance of this structure for cardiovascular health. The presentation will briefly review vascular health, the role of the endothelium in vascular health, and introduce this recently discovered structure called the endothelial glycocalyx.   Dr. Houston will discuss the multiple roles of the glycocalyx in protecting the endothelium and arterial system and present clinical treatments to enhance the glycocalyx structure and function leading to a reduction in cardiovascular disease.