Whitepaper: Proper Diagnosis is Half the Cure for Fibromyalgia Patients


by David Brady, ND

Fibromyalgia has a reputation as a psychosomatic condition. For decades, doctors struggled to makes sense of the odd collection of pain, cognitive, and digestive symptoms in fibromyalgia patients, and why these symptoms didn’t respond to standard treatments. Lost for an explanation, many health care providers began to wonder if fibromyalgia was just in a patient’s head.

Luckily, research in recent years has shown that fibromyalgia is, indeed, a physical issue, and led to the development of more effective treatments. David Brady, ND, is part of a growing group of fibromyalgia experts trying to change how patients and health care providers think about fibromyalgia. In this whitepaper, Brady explains the current scientific understanding of the nervous system and the unique type of pain fibromyalgia patients experience. Brady also details the link between the limbic system and the array of digestive, sleep, and cognitive fibromyalgia symptoms, as well as the best way to address these symptoms in treatment. Finally, Brady explains the various disorders that can masquerade as fibromyalgia, and guides doctors through the best practices in properly diagnosing this mysterious disease.

This whitepaper is based on a recording from the Integrative Healthcare Symposium in October 2016.

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