Whitepaper: The “Big Rocks” Cure for Chronic Disease


by Marc Bubbs, ND, CISSN, CSCS

Research shows that 90 percent of all chronic disease can be traced back to decisions people make in three areas: diet, exercise, and lifestyle. To start reversing this chronic disease crisis, physicians must grapple with the petri dish of Western culture and economic forces patients are living in. The larger culture impacts the decisions an individual can make about what they eat, how much they sleep, and if they exercise.

But with the right insight and tools, physicians can coach patients to make decisions that fight chronic diseases. Rather than jumping to an end result—weight loss, lower blood pressure, or a healthy diet—new research has found simple strategies physicians can use to gradually guide patients to healthier lifestyles.

This whitepaper is based on a recording from the Integrative Healthcare Symposium in October 2016.

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