The Root Sources of Health and Healing: Unveiling Measurable, Systems-Based Protocols for Optimal Health

March 28, 2024
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Seeking approachable ways to improve your standard of care? Looking to connect chronic symptoms with systems-based approaches to optimizing the body's natural mechanisms for restoring health and preventing disease?

In this webinar, Dr. Gus Vickery evaluates common patient presentations, outcomes that can be easily measured, and the first steps to implementing protocols that support cellular function including necessary nutritional support and supplementation strategies that will ultimately provide the patient with a strong foundation of health to build personalized protocols for optimal performance. In particular, he identifies and addresses necessary foundational elements such as Nitric Oxide, exploring and explaining its role in a systems-based approach to patient health. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Unpack real patient cases and correlate symptom presentation to system malfunction
  • Identify critical markers that can be easily measured in the office and lab testing and the essential information they provide
  • Compile an easy-to-implement list of protocols and supplementation that can be implemented on Monday morning for better foundational patient care
  • Unpack how the interconnected systems improve by addressing foundational parts of patient health
  • Walk away with clinical pearls, supplements, and tools that can be understood and leveraged by full clinic staff


Gus Vickery, MD

Dr. Vickery is a medical doctor out of Asheville, NC, providing precision medical services and family medicine to patients of all ages. He is also the medical director for the employee health clinic of The Biltmore Company. In addition, Dr. Vickery is a published author and teaches medical students from UNC- Chapel Hill and family medicine residents.

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