Optimized Immune Competence and Minimized Viral Susceptibility -- The Role NAD and Mitochondrial Function

September 21, 2021
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This presentation will provide new and novel approaches to help support individual immune competence and lessen susceptibility. As clinicians, we often overlook the importance of fueling the mitochondrial as it is foundational to primary and secondary immunological defenses.

Our discussion will explore mitochondrial antiviral-signaling protein (MAVs), cellular energy requirements to sustain immune competence, and the energetic nutrient demands when an immune challenge arises. We are all familiar with the latest peer-review literature regarding viral immune nutrients such as zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, quercetin, melatonin, and even vitamin K have appeared in peer-review literature.

But what about the role of NAD reserves and mitochondrial status as a clinical tool for immunological function and capacity. All attendees will leave with a great appreciation of how aging, morbidity and mortality share a common theme for viral illnesses and mitochondrial function.


Dr. John P. Salerno

Dr. John P. Salerno is an international pioneer in the practice of complementary medicine. Among many other accomplishments, he is well-known for his vitamin IV suitesweight-loss treatments, and chelation therapy, a therapy that removes heavy metals from the body.

The Salerno Center for Complementary Medicine in New York City combines the wisdom of alternative healing with the teachings of traditional medicine, helping patients to live healthier and happier lives.

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