Patricia Selassie, ND, joins Integrative Practitioner associate editor, Avery St. Onge, to discuss how practitioners can help patients implement lifestyle and behavioral changes that promote health, happiness, and longevity.

Patricia Pimentel Selassie, ND, is a third-generation physician with over 15 years of clinical experience. She received her Naturopathic Doctorate degree from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington and her Bachelor of Science degree from Towson University in Baltimore, Maryland. Known as, “a doctor you can talk to,” Selassie is the founder of the New Flower Center for Naturopathic Medicine in Brooklyn, New York which also operates virtually to clients around the world. 

To assist in healing the world, Selassie knows that education, especially that which relates to health, is a priority. Selassie has proudly given presentations about the naturopathic medical profession at Columbia, Princeton, Drexel, and Howard Universities.  A popular instructor at the New York Open Center, Selassie has taught topics such as detox, skin, digestion, inflammation, thyroid, brain health, and cannabidiol (CBD). She currently serves on the Medical Review Council for the School of Applied Functional Medicine. 

In addition, Selassie is the published author of Aging Brilliantly, How to Eat, Move, Rest, and Socialize Your Way to Long Life.