The Basic Principles of Lifestyle Coaching

August 28, 2018
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Lifestyle coaching is an emergent profession that has been a long time coming. By design, the current sick-care model is meant to address illness when it happens, not before. There is no emphasis on preventing disease or developing foundational health and wellness habits.

Integrative practitioners are in a unique position to change this mindset to a preventative care, whole-person approach. We must partner with our patients in a collaborative effort to achieve what just about every patient seeks—optimal health, for life. This is made possible when practitioners understand the basics of lifestyle coaching.

The Basic Principles of Lifestyle Coaching offers a comprehensive introduction to lifestyle coaching in the integrative setting as well as research-driven tools and techniques to begin lifestyle coaching in your patient practice.

Included in this guide:

  • A whole-person approach to care
  • Developing collaborative patient relationships
  • Coaching skills and strategies
  • Tools for improving lifestyle habits
  • Patient case study
  • Sample coaching forms and worksheets

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