An Introductory Guide to Traditional Chinese Medicine

May 21, 2019
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When the name of a practice includes the word “traditional,” one cannot be faulted into thinking that it’s entrenched in the past. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), as practiced today, however, is not the same as it was thousands of years ago. While it is founded by ancient principles, it has continued to evolve, change, grow, and adjust to modern needs and understanding.

In this comprehensive introductory guide to TCM, author Melissa Carr, B.Sc., Dr.TCM, reviews foundational concepts of how TCM offers a systematic approach to assess, diagnose, and make sound recommendations for better health.

Included in this resource:

  • Outline of history and available research
  • Review of core philosophies and principles, including Yin and Yang, Eight Guiding Principles, Five Vital Substances, Six Pathogenic Factors, and more
  • Introduction to TCM organs and meridians
  • Formulating a diagnosis using TCM guidelines
  • Overview of common treatment modalities
  • Sample checklist for a TCM diagnosis
  • Patient case study

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