A Six-Step Approach to Health and Wellness Coaching: A Toolkit for Practice Implementation

October 17, 2019
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Patients need support when it comes to adopting and sustaining healthy behaviors. Over half of the adults in the United States have at least one chronic disease and 25 percent have two or more. Yet, providers seldom learn how to counsel patients on healthy living and, even if they do, they have limited time to guide patients to make lasting change.

The following guide outlines the behavior change process. There are some sections that require more reflection on the part of the patient. Those could be highlighted for the patient to take as homework prior to the next visit. Ultimately, the patient’s starting point and readiness for change will determine the appropriate path. This process can be broken down into six steps:

  1. Identify values and vision
  2. Determine goals
  3. Build a plan for action
  4. Track progress
  5. Visualize best self
  6. Create a plan for resiliency

This guide will walk you through each of the six steps in detail, offering guidance and tips for practical application in patient care. Following the steps, you will learn how to implement coaching strategies in your own practice.

Included in this resource:

  • Overview of step-by-step coaching process
  • Integrative health inventory
  • Goal setting techniques
  • Integrative commitment statement
  • Health and behavior billing and coding

With Contributions by Wendy Pecoraro, MSN, APRN

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