Nutrigenomics and Precision Lifestyle Medicine

March 31, 2020
Nutrigenomics and Precision Lifestyle Medicine
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Presented by: David Brady, ND, DC, CCN, DACBN, IFMCP, FACN

While complex chronic disease is growing at epidemic proportions in the Western industrialized counties, clinical medicine is generally at a loss stem the tide of this epidemic. Big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence presents great hope in unraveling some of the causes by analyzing connections between specific patterns involving genomics, microbiomics, proteomics, and metabolomics and the development of specific disorders. However, big-data is complicated and involves massive numbers of variables and complex networks. How does a clinician make any sense of this emerging information and leverage it in their clinical approach to complicated patient cases? This presentation will look at some of these issues from a practicing clinician’s perspective and will focus on how to parse through and curate meaningful genomic information (SNPs) utilizing a state-of-the-art medical informatics platform, including the deciphering of complex multi-SNP network mappings.

This presentation was recorded at the 2020 Integrative Healthcare Symposium Annual Conference.