Narrative Medicine: The Power of Story to Advance Personal and Community Health

May 9, 2022
IHS 2022
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Presented by: Catherine Florio Pipas, MD, MPH

Effective care of patients requires patience and a deep understanding of self. Narrative writing is the application of personal reflection, writing, and sharing to explore our own and others’ life experiences and to understand the impact these experiences have on our thoughts, emotions, actions, and interpersonal outcomes – including patient care. Health professionals participating in narrative writing gain a deeper understanding of their own experiences in addition to their patients’ experiences, resulting in a rich appreciation of illness and wellbeing. They also enhance their ability to empathize with and advocate for self and others. This session will describe the process of narrative writing and allow participants to explore personal experiences during these most challenging times of COVID-19.

This presentation was recorded at the 2022 Integrative Healthcare Symposium Annual Conference.