Meditative Mind-Open Heart: Enhancing Healing Capacity for Practitioners

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Presented by: Isaac Eliaz MD, MS, L.Ac.

Integrative health practitioners are aware of the fast-growing body of research correlating favorable physiological changes with the cognitive and psychosocial effects of meditation and mind-body practices. The challenge often lies in translating these findings to the clinical setting for enhancement of care, prevention of practitioner burnout, and support of overall wellness.

n this half-day workshop Dr.Isaac Eliaz brings over 30 years of personal meditation practice and clinical experience in mind-body medicine, to offer a profound yet practical program for enhancing long-term health and healing capacity. By integrating traditional practices with research advancements across multiple fields, Dr. Eliaz guides participants in the application of a unique model of mind-body medicine that’s often described as transformative for both personal and professional growth.

This workshop will emphasize practical, theoretical and clinical applications of mind-body practices with in-depth discussion, instruction, guided meditation, and interactive healing sessions.