James S. Gordon, MD to Receive Prestigious ‘Visionary Award’ and Deliver Closing Keynote at 2014 Integrative Healthcare Symposium

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James S. Gordon, MD to Receive Prestigious ‘Visionary Award’ and Deliver Closing Keynote at 2014 Integrative Healthcare Symposium

Washington DC – Dr. James S. Gordon, a psychiatrist who Chaired the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy and has developed the world’s largest and most effective program for healing population-wide psychological trauma, is to be honored as a visionary leader before 1,500 attendees at this year’s Integrative Healthcare Symposium on February 22nd, 2014 at the Hilton Hotel in New York.

Following an award ceremony, Dr. Gordon, who founded and directs The Center for Mind-Body Medicine and is a Clinical Professor at Georgetown Medical School will deliver a keynote address, “The Healer’s Journey.” Dr. Gordon will explore the physician’s role as a spiritual and moral as well as professional leader. He will discuss the necessity for clinicians who wish to fulfill their healing mission to sometimes challenge conventional assumptions and practices—among them, the profit motive that limits and constrains patient care and the disastrous neglect of prevention in favor of often inappropriate and expensive treatment.

Dr. Gordon, who was formerly a researcher at the National Institute of Mental Health, has for 40 years been a leader in the development of Integrative Medicine. In his most recent book, Unstuck: Your Guide to the Seven Stage Journey Out of Depression, Dr. Gordon offered a devastating critique of the promiscuous use of psychotropic medication. He presented, as well, a comprehensive, evidence-based, integrative program for healing depression which includes meditation, guided imagery, exercise, nutrition, acupuncture, self-expression in words, drawings and movement, and group support. His work with depression and with war and disaster traumatized populations in Kosovo, Israel, Gaza, Haiti, and in post-Katrina New Orleans and with returning veterans in the US has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, People Magazine, CBS Evening News, and in The Jerusalem Post among other media.

Others who have received this award include Larry Dossey, MD; Rachel Naomi Remen, MD; Christiane Northrup, MD; and Barbara Dossey, PhD.

Dr. Gordon is available for interviews in New York February 19-22 in person and before that by phone.