A strong immune system is critical for good health.  If our immune system has become weak, we are vulnerable to various illnesses.  Most of us are familiar with pre and probiotics, but have you heard of postbiotics?

Other immune products activate only one or two immune cells at a time.  HOLOIMMUNE Paraprobiotic with IMMUSE™ supports the entire immune system by directly activating the Plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDCs).  These activated immune cells proactively support the immune system at the cellular level. 

IMMUSE™ is the first commercially available dietary and food ingredient shown to activate these influential cells, providing more comprehensive immune support.  Support your immune system with Holoimmune Paraprobiotic with IMMUSE™ with immune support.

Everyday events such as lack of sleep, stress and poor diet, along with recent global events have made immune defense more important than ever. The award-winning immune health ingredient IMMUSE™ gets your immune system ready, helping it respond quickly and effectively when needed.  

HOLOIMMUNE Paraprobiotic with IMMUSE™ gives immune support for athletes, for those wishing to support their productivity needs, or striving to live a healthy lifestyle.  Add the benefits of HOLOIMMUNE Paraprobiotic with IMMUSE™ to your daily life today.

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