Why I Got in to Integrative Medicine—Share Your Story

A few weeks ago, I was recording a podcast for Integrative Practitioner when I found myself asking the interviewee how they got in to integrative medicine. I seem to ask this question a lot, possibly because the answers are always so inspiring, heartening, a reminder of the importance of compassion and empathy in patient care.

I’ve covered the greater healthcare industry for most of my journalistic career and the personal connections integrative practitioners have to their work and their patients is unmatched. Which is why I thought it would be great fun to have our community share their stories and tell us why you got in to integrative medicine.

Your answer need not be extensive or elaborate or artfully crafted. I’m looking for the real and the raw reasons why you chose this path for your healthcare career. My hope is to round up the responses and create a slideshow of some of the answers, a bit of inspiration as we head in to the new year.  

To participate, please e-mail your response to [email protected]. I’ll be accepting answers through Friday December 28.

Thank you for being a part of the Integrative Practitioner community! We are so glad to have you here.