Vital Nutrients Announces Breakthrough Formula Prostate Health Tx

/uploadedImages/Press_Releases/Vital-Nutrients.jpgMiddletown, CT - (June 9, 2015) - Vital Nutrients is excited to introduce Prostate Health Tx, a brand-new patented formula  designed to provide natural support for maintaining normal PSA levels while preserving quality of life.*

Developed by leading oncologists, Prostate Health Tx is backed by clinical research, including a peer –reviewed human clinical trial conducted at the University of Southern California, which found PSA declines in 38% of participants.*  Additionally, Prostate Health Tx has been formulated to include ingredients that have demonstrated various mechanisms of action benefiting prostate health in preclinical studies.*

Recommended for men over 40, Prostate Health Tx offers a safe, proactive and non-hormonal approach in maintaining normal PSA levels, without the risk of altering testosterone or dihydrotestosterone levels.*  Well-tolerated and free from side effects that interrupt daily life, Prostate Health Tx is also free of artificial coloring/flavoring, preservatives and common allergens, including gluten, dairy and corn.*

Prostate Health Tx is available for purchase by licensed healthcare practitioners through Vital Nutrients. To learn more or order Prostate Health Tx, visit

Vital Nutrients manufactures over 200 pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements at their strictly controlled, FDA Inspected U.S. facility. Vital Nutrients is widely known as the Leader in Quality Assurance, with a cutting-edge program that requires extensive testing for authenticity, potency and environmental contaminants. For more information please visit or call 1-888-328-9992.

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“Randomized studies are needed to better define the effect of PHC in men with BCR.”

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease