The Allergy Solution

The Allergy SolutionIf you have ANY unexplained symptoms, like fatigue, weight gain, or pain, or complaints that don't go away, like brain fog, digestive trouble, or insomnia, but are not satisfied by masking the symptoms with more pills, you need a solution.

You may have tried juicing, exercise, eating healthy or other alternatives that enhance wellbeing. Yet the answers to your health concerns have remained stubbornly elusive. Medical research has made important connections between our immunity, nutritional status, lifestyle and environment that provide clues to many unexplained symptoms.

Do You Have a Hidden Allergy?

You may not think of yourself as allergic. Your nose may not run, and your skin doesn't itch. But you have common complaints that just won't go away.

Do you suffer from any of the following:

  • Weight gain?

  • Stomachaches?

  • Insomnia?

  • Headaches?

  • Fatigue?

  • Depression or anxiety?

  • Brain fog?

In my clinical experience, a hidden allergy is often the culprit. I’ve seen chronic conditions that were previously diagnosed as autoimmune diseases, psychiatric disorders, or many others, wind up being allergic in origin.

My clinical experience and search for answers to common mystery conditions inspired me to write my new book, The Allergy Solution: Unlock the Surprising, Hidden Truth about Why You Are Sick and How to Get Well, with my son Jonathan. You can get a sneak preview at the amazon link above.

Our book gives you a checklist and questionnaire that can help you discover whether your health problems might be due to a hidden allergy. It shows you how to prevent heartburn without drugs, fix your digestion, cultivate the healthy bacteria necessary for immunity, provides a way to detoxify your life, relax in mind and body, and lose weight. For people with seasonal allergies, it has a chapter on nasal and sinus allergies. There is also a chapter on asthma, a condition which affects 30 million Americans. We are excited to bring to light scientific research from leading medical centers around the world and provide hundreds of references to medical journals.

The Perfect Storm Causing the Allergy Epidemic

One billion people around the world now have allergic disorders, reports the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. We have been hit by the perfect storm of fast food, chemicals, stress, and poor digestive function, all of which knock our immune systems off balance and lead to more allergies.

Each of these can interfere with your immune system, especially with the cells that naturally prevent allergies. They’re called T-regs. My program is designed to help you balance immunity by restoring the power of your T-regs.

Fast Food (and Processed Food) Causes Allergies

 Fast food and processed foods are increasing inflammation, harming our immunity and increasing the risk of allergies says a study from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Our goal is to harness the power of nutrition to overcome allergy by balancing immunity and improving antioxidant status with a whole-foods diet, rich in vegetables, fruit and tea that provides vitamins, minerals and powerful phytonutrients to balance immunity, support detoxification and reduce inflammation.

Delicious foods that can help accomplish that include strawberries, parsley, green tea and oolong tea, spinach, asparagus, and lentils, black beans, sweet potatoes, and many more.

Eating broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables may help reduce allergic reactivity, according to a study from UCLA. They explored how a component of broccoli helped to decrease the amount of allergic inflammation for people exposed to diesel fumes. This interplay between nutrition and environment is a game-changer for how we can fight back against pollution and other toxins.

Allergy Starts in the Gut

The gut is the largest part of the immune system, which is the source of allergies. A healthy gut protects against allergens in your digestive system.

It contains trillions of bacteria, which play an important role in allergies. They can determine your immunity, allergies, metabolism, and mood. A diversity of gut microbes is important for healthy immunity.

Heal Your Immune System from the Inside Out

 The nutrients that naturally give food its vibrant colors are called flavonoids. They help fight allergies and encourage the diversity of bacteria. Eat lots of fruits like strawberries and vegetables and herbs such as parsley and enjoy several cups of tea each day.

Sauerkraut, raw foods and yogurt can also help give diversity of gut bacteria a boost.

Unless you’re scrubbing for surgery, avoid antibacterial soaps and shampoos. They just encourage the growth of resistant organisms and impact negatively on healthy bacteria.

Research indicates that probiotics, the healthy bacteria from yogurt or supplements, can relieve symptoms of allergy by improving immune responses.

Organic farming also increases the diversity of bacteria in soil, which then enhances the diversity of bacteria you ingest with your food. Pesticides and herbicides kill more than pests. They can also kill good bacteria and encourage the growth of harmful bacteria.

Leo Galland and Jonathan Galland

The good news is that allergies can be overcome. Using the tools and strategies we provide in The Allergy Solution -- an Allergy Solution Checklist of Symptoms, the Three-Day Power Wash to cleanse the body and the Immune Balance Diet -- you will understand your allergic symptoms and start on a path to healing.