TBI therapy’s growing role in concussion, brain trauma treatments

brain health and diseaseBrain injuries are considered difficult to heal, and may inflict some level of discomfort on the injured for the rest of their lives. A new treatment plan, traumatic brain injury (TBI) therapy, could provide a more effective long-term result for brain healing.

TBI Therapy is a patented protocol that incorporates a number of different treatment modalities, including neuropsychiatry, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, intranasal platelet rich plasma treatments, cranial therapy, and a specialized nutrition plan incorporating a ketogenic diet, MCT oil supplements, and IV infusion of B vitamins, minerals, vitamin C, glutathione, and other nutrients. Click here for more information.

Founded by Dr. John Hughes, TBI therapy is available at Aspen Integrative Medicine in Basalt, Colorado. After completing an initial consultation and being approved for treatment, patients can choose from either a five-day introductory program or a nine-week intensive treatment program. The therapy protocol is proven to improve attention, cognition, memory, and concentration, as well as emotional psychology and stability. In addition, patients are better able to manage daily life activities and have less sensitivity to light and sound following the treatment plan.

Concussions and other traumatic brain injuries affect individuals more than most people realize, said Hughes in a recent statement. However, many symptoms are not normally associated with a concussion or brain injury, so some people live for years in “silent suffering” with no apparent cure in sight. The tests and evaluation processes that are currently available can uncover the effects of brain trauma, so people will now be able to get the appropriate treatment that will actually reduce their symptoms, says Hughes.

With the advent of a greater awareness of the severity of concussions, symptoms, and the activities that are prone to causing brain trauma, more access to information and effective treatment is needed. TBI therapy could take a leading role in fulfilling that need.