Physician launches integrative psychiatry practice

fruit-419623_1280A California-based physician has developed a new telepsychiatry service that offers an alternative to conventional mental health treatments, according to an April 12 announcement. Tanya Scurry, MD, offers talk therapy and consultation for patients experiencing addition, anxiety, depression, and other life challenges with one caveat—she doesn't prescribe controlled substances.

Scurry launched the practice inside the Body and Mind Medical Weight Loss Center in Ontario, California, which she also founded. She believes in an integrative, holistic approach to health. After weight loss helped Scurry lose 300 pounds, she says she realized the body and mind are inextricably connected, which is why she takes a functional medicine approach with patients, focusing on nutrition, sleep, stress level, and physical activity when developing a comprehensive treatment plan. At Scurry's clinic, genetic and nutritional testing are carried out by an independent lab. Test results are then studied as part of developing personalized treatments.

Patients can connect with Scurry in person, or they can request an appointment via Wecounsel, a HIPAA-compliant telehealth website that allows behavioral health providers to contact patients online.

Scurry's mission is to provide a safe and welcoming space for those who are struggling. In addition, she understands that access to mental health services is woefully inadequate in many areas throughout the nation, but telepsychiatry could eventually reverse this situation. Those who are able to meet with her in-person also have access to a fitness center and the expertise of a registered dietitian as part of optimizing their treatment plan.

"Everyone deserves to experience good mental health," says Scurry, "but sometimes people need a little help to overcome whatever is holding them back. I'm grateful that I discovered the power of integrative medicine when I needed it most. I believe this approach can be transformative for those who have tried and failed to address their issues in other ways."