Klaire Labs, ProThera, and Complementary Prescriptions to become one brand

klaire-logo_jpgProThera and Complementary Prescriptions will merge with Klaire Labs in a transition aimed to unify the three entities under one brand, according to a July 7 press release.

Klaire Labs, based in Reno, Nevada, has been formulating and manufacturing premium, hypoallergenic supplements sold through healthcare practitioners for nearly half a century. It is owned by Soho Flordis International, a privately held nutraceutical company based in Sydney, Australia. Soho also maintained ProThera and Complementary Prescriptions.

Although the three originator companies consolidated years ago, they continued as independent brands leading to both branding and corporate identity confusion in the marketplace. The current re-branding program is an effort to harmonize the product offering under a single, unified name. Klaire Labs was selected for this purpose as this 50-year old brand pioneered the concept of pure and potent nutraceuticals.

Branding the entire product offering under the Klaire Labs name also reflects a renewed commitment to evaluating the entire line through the highly discriminating Klaire Labs lens, according to the company's website. They will actively evaluate all formulations to minimize use of potentially unnecessary fillers and non-hypoallergenic ingredients.

Also resulting from the merge is the opening of a brand new, state-of-the-art faciliy, providing  more capacity and capabilities to introduce new products, more often. As the company transfers the manufacturing activities to the new plant, they are closely evaluating each of our formulations, and will omit and minimize fillers and non-hypoallergenic constituents, and enhance potency, whenever possible.

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