Inflammation could be the cause of all disease, researcher says

hiv-1903373_1280What if there is a grand unified theory of how all disease begins? This has been the focus of research for Keith Nemec, director of Total Health Institute, an alternative and integrative medical facility in Chicago. He believes that the cause of all disease is inflammation at the cellular level, according to a February 21 press release.

Nemec is currently studying metabolic and nutritional medicine, focusing on the underlying causes if health and disease. All disease starts with cellular inflammation, Nemec says. "Whether you have cancer, heart disease, diabetes, digestive disorders, autoimmune disease, or Alzheimer's, it all starts with inflammation at the cellular level, which leads to either early cell death translating into specific organ or gland disease, or into cancer stem cell stimulation, which fuels cancer cell growth and metastasis."

Disease cannot be resolved by looking at the disease and trying to cure it, Nemec says. Rather, providers must focus on the environment that allows disease to form and changing that instead.

" "If you put garbage on your driveway it will attract flies," says Nemec. "If you want to get rid of the flies how many cans of insecticide will you need? The answer is infinite because no matter how many flies you kill, more will come because you have an environment (the garbage) that enables them to grow. When you change the environment (get rid of the garbage) the flies will be gone and so will the disease, all disease."

All cells need four basic elements to live and thrive, Nemec says—oxygen in, water in, food in, and waste products out. "If these are done on a timely basis, the cells will live very long," he said.

The human body was designed to live well over a hundred years in health, but this can only be achieved when these four elements are efficiently maintained, said Nemec.  If there is a breakdown of any of these four at the cellular level, this is when inflammation, the precursor to all disease, begins.

Ideal disease treatment does not rely on drugs, and instead incorporates biochemical, bioelectrical, mechanical, and mental/emotional energies to heal the body, according to Nemec's website. Topics to address with patients include balancing mind, body and spirit, breathing techniques, water, food, sleep, exercise, fasting/detoxification, and prayer, meditation, or mindfulness practices.

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