IFM officially introduces new leadership team

In a year that representatives are calling one for “transitions and transformations,” the Institute for Functional Medicine officially introduced its new leadership to attendees at its 2018 Annual International Conference in Hollywood, Florida on Thursday. Amy Mack has been named chief executive officer (CEO) and Cary Sennett, MD, PhD, president of medical education and research.

The announcement followed a heartfelt tribute to outgoing CEO, Laurie Hoffman, who after over 15 years stepped down from her post earlier this year. Hoffman will continue to serve on IFM’s board of directors, supporting the progress she helped envision.

In her new role, Mack will oversee the core values of IFM, which include leadership, innovation, collaboration, and inspiration. “I am honored to take the baton of ensuring functional medicine continues to grow today,” she said.

The role in which Sennett will undertake was specifically created by IFM to address a broader agenda beyond education, which officials say includes researching innovative and economic clinical models and broad-based strategic partnerships. Sennett has worked in a number of capacities in healthcare practice and administration, with a central goal of providing healthcare solutions for patients that effectively treat their conditions at a cost that makes quality healthcare accessible and affordable.

“We are at a pivotal moment where chronic disease is at an all-time high as is cost of care,” said Sennett. “With functional medicine, there is an opportunity to change that.”

Editor’s note: This article is part of Integrative Practitioner’s live coverage of the Institute of Functional Medicine’s 2018 Annual International Conference. For a full list of coverage, click here.