IFM announces resignation of President of Medical Education and Research

The Institute for Funtional Medicine (IFM) announced the resignation of Cary Sennett, MD, PhD, as IFM’s President of Medical Education and Research due to an emerging health issue, according to an e-mail sent earlier this morning by Amy Mack, Chief Executive Office (CEO) for the organization. 

"While we are disappointed to see [Sennett] leave us, we fully support his decision and appreciate his contributions to IFM," wrote Mack, adding that Sennett plans to continue his relationship with IFM in a role to be determined.

"His perspective as a physician, researcher, and economist are invaluable as we work together to transform healthcare in the U.S. and around the globe," she said. 

Earlier this year, IFM announced it would be appointing Mack as the new CEO and introducing a new role, which Sennett took on. Both Mack and Sennett were formally introduced to attendees at the recent Annual International Conference in Hollywood, Florida, this past June.

Both Sennett and Mack sat down with Integrative Practitioner last month to discuss their new roles and the future of integrative and functional medicine. That interview can be found here

“During my time at IFM, I have continually been impressed with the organization’s commitment to innovative, evidence-based healthcare solutions that focus on treating the individual, not the condition,” said Sennett in today's e-mail. “We are at a critical time when our healthcare system is failing the average patient, and I support IFM’s initiatives to create an affordable healthcare model that delivers optimal results for addressing long-term, chronic diseases. Though I am sad to leave my current role, I look forward to continuing to work with IFM’s executive leadership and being a part of the IFM community.”

 Sennett's last day will be Friday, August 10. IFM officials say they are already searching for new leadership to carry forward the responsibilities of the position.