Colorado governor signs modifications to “Naturopathic Doctor Act” into law

The Naturopathic Doctor Terminology and Disclosure bill has been signed by Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper (D), according to the Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges who shared the news on social media yesterday.

The bill, HB18-1433, concerns modifications to the “Naturopathic Doctor Act,” requiring a naturopathic doctor to disclose that they are registered and updates the terms the naturopathic doctor may use.

According to the Colorado General Assembly’s website, the bill requires that a statement be provided to a patient before treatment disclosing that the naturopathic doctor is registered.  It removes the requirement that naturopathic doctors use the term “registered” in the naturopathic doctor’s title, reverting the title of naturopathic titles in Colorado from “Registered Naturopathic Doctor” or “RDN” back to the original “Naturopathic Doctor” or “ND”.  However, they must clearly explain to patients that they are registered, but  not licensed.

In addition, the bill requires a naturopathic doctor to qualify any specialty services provided to the public with “naturopathic” or “naturopath,” and clarifies the circumstances under with a naturopathic doctor can use the term “physician”. Naturopathic doctors cannot use the term “physician” to describe their medical practice.

The bill, which was finalized on May 22 and signed on May 29, encourages naturopathic doctors to maintain a collaborative relationship with the patient’s medical doctor or licensed physician.

Click here to read the bill in full.