Christopher J. Bump, DC

/uploadedImages/Bios/Bump_Christopher.jpgChristopher Bump, DC went through professional medical education and training with intentions of creating a holographic model of health care. Thirty years later we know this model as "Integrative Healthcare" or "Functional Medicine". He sees his patients as human beings comprised of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, not as a compilation of signs and symptoms. He sees disease as a state of imbalance and helps patients to first discover how they ended up in his office, and then helps to develop individual therapeutics to help restore them to balance.

He uses numerous tools to assist his patients including diet and life-style changes, nutraceuticals and herbs, along with exercise, stress management, meditation, and myofascial therapy.

He continues learning and teaching. He has been a guest lecturer at Columbia University's Institute of Human Nutrition, He has taught nutrition to the Chiropractic profession, presenting numerous lectures, seminars and webinars over the past several years. Currently he is the Chairperson for the Nutrition Education Council of the Association of NJ Chiropractors which has nearly 400 members. Dr. Bump continues his educational pursuits and has nearly completed the certification curriculum at the Institute of Functional Medicine

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