Rupa Health launches new physician services, making lab tests accessible to integrative professionals


Laboratory tests provide a wealth of information for health and wellness providers, but are not always accessible to all practitioners. Health technology company, Rupa Health, has introduced an innovative solution to help bridge this critical gap.  

The newly released Physician Services allows practitioners access to more than 3,000 lab tests for their clients. The program is designed to facilitate primarily practitioners with out-of-state clients or providers whose scope of practice does not include ordering lab tests, though it can be a useful option for a variety of healthcare businesses.

To qualify to use the service, practitioners must complete a one-time application process. Once approved, a health and wellness practitioner can recommend tests to their clients, who are then invoiced and assigned an authorizing physician to review the order and sign the requisition forms as appropriate.

Tests are shipped directly to the patient’s home for completion, and Rupa Health representatives are available for support if needed. The service also helps ensure patient compliance, with automated reminders at the two-week mark to complete any ordered tests.

Once labs are completed, the order updates and results are released back to both the health and wellness provider and the client. If there is a critical result, the authorizing physician will contact the client directly. The health and wellness provider will not have any direct interaction with the authorizing physician.

“Physician Services is designed to add value to your client's health journey and help them live their healthiest lives,” a company representative said. “Rupa Health is so excited to be able to offer your practice this service.”

Rupa Health is known for its convenient and centralized lab work portal, allowing practitioners to search and select lab tests for their patients. Rupa Health representatives handle the invoicing, shipping, and processing, and notify practitioners when results are ready. The HIPAA-compliant portal also houses and organizes lab work for each client, making reviewing past results easy and efficient.

When Physician Services is used, testing must be paid for by the patient, and insurance and superbills are not available. A $25 fee is added per kit that is billed to the client, which covers fees and administrative costs.

To quality for the service, an individual must be a currently certified healthcare practitioner. The application requires proof of all educational background and credentials.

For more information on whether Physician Services is a fit for your practice, click here.