Bovine Colostrum and Infant Health

February 28, 2020

Ensuring optimal infant outcomes is every pediatrician’s priority, and breastfeeding is one of the best ways to fuel growth, development, and health of the newborn. When moms can’t, or choose not to breastfeed, there’s well-founded concern. Early weaning or exclusive formula use deprives the child of the immunity provided by mom’s colostrum and breastmilk. Fortunately, supplementing a limited supply of breastmilk and/or adding powdered bovine colostrum to formula is a viable and easy solution. Bovine colostrum supplementation can help ameliorate the immediate as well as long-term health effects associated with insufficient or complete lack of breastfeeding.

Read more from the world’s foremost authority on bovine colostrum for human consumption, Douglas A. Wyatt. As founder of Sovereign Laboratories, Mr. Wyatt is credited with establishing the gold standard in processing raw bovine colostrum into supplements. With twenty-five years in the field of colostrum research, Mr. Wyatt was an early developer of liposomal delivery (LD) for enhanced bioavailability of colostrum and other nutritional supplements. Sovereign Laboratories and its 501c3 non-profit, Vibrant Life Initiative, are leaders in consumer health education, professional continuing education, and successful practice enhancement for medical and healthcare providers.

Sovereign Laboratories offers a full line of powdered bovine colostrum supplements and concentrated immune support oral sprays derived from the immune-modulating components in colostrum. PRO Colostrum-LD® is considered the premier foundational supplement for optimal immune and gut health, and it was designed for optimal health and successful aging no matter where one is on the spectrum of life. For more information about introducing your patients to colostrum, visit

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