Site Display Advertising

For just pennies per impression, your company can connect with healthcare professionals eager to learn about the latest products and services in the market. With advertising, you will: 

  • Increase visibility and exposure
  • Increase market share with thought leaders and community members
  • Increase competitive advantage
  • Drive more traffic to your website

Integrative Practitioner offers both time-based and impression-based advertising. 

Time-based advertising has fixed start and end dates; on Integrative Practitioner, the minimum for a time-based purchase is one month.

Below are general advertising rates. For customized package information, please contact us.


Display Ad Specifications & Rates


Ad unit name  Size (pixels)  Max File Weight  Animation  Time-based Cost 
Full Banner 468w x 60h 40k 10 sec max $550/month
Medium Rectangle 300w x 250h 40k 10 sec max $550/month
3:1 Rectangle 300w x 100h 25k 10 sec max $550/month

All placement is ROS (Run of Site). Submission Deadline: 5 business days prior to launch date. 


Text Ad Specifications & Rates

  • Headline, 10-word maximum
  • Body Text, 50-word maximum
  • $200/month

Job Posting/Business Opportunity

  • Headline, 10-word maximum
  • Body Text, 50-word maximum
  • $100/month

Contact Information

Carmella Perrone
[email protected]