What are your thoughts on probiotic protocols for mood support?

March 21, 2018

While there are numerous probiotics on the market, and many products containing probiotics on the market, clinical evidence related to probiotic use for mood support is limited to a handful of products and a handful of research papers. Whether a probiotic formulation is a single strain or a cocktail of several bacterial strains may affect its benefits, although both have shown some positive impact in the studies in healthy individuals to date.

The total dose for probiotics is referred to as colony forming units (CFU) and benefits have been observed with doses ranging from 1.2 trillion per day to as many as 24 trillion per day. Formulations are defined by the genus and species of the live bacteria included but may also include a substrain identification or numerical designation. Respected experts in probiotics agree that the benefits reported in one study are specifically related to the tested probiotic and its formulation. Probiotic benefits are also well established related to gastrointestinal conditions and some immune-related conditions.

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