Biogena shares in-depth knowledge in new Micronutrients-Coach resource


The premium-quality micronutrient supplement brand, Biogena, recently launched Micronutrients-Coach, a compendium of nutrients and their indications and interactions.

The comprehensive guide provides in-depth information about micronutrients and their therapeutic administration, in an easy-to-follow format that meets scientific principles. The user-friendly resource features more than 80 vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fatty acids, amino acids, bioactive plant substances, plant extracts, and other natural substances, which are carefully classified along with their indications and interactions for on-the-go reference.

Entries include interdisciplinary cross-references to help the reader identify correlations for each micronutrient. The micronutrients are listed along with any medications they are known to interact with, and each entry links to a more detailed section on corresponding medication groups.

“This book is a valuable aid for daily therapeutic success and is one of the most comprehensive reference sources for orthomolecular medical information,” the family-owned company said of its latest educational offering.

Founded in 2006, Biogena partners with practitioners worldwide, allowing them to prescribe and ship its supplements to their patients, allowing practitioners to provide their patients with a high level of therapeutic success. Its products follow strict quality standards and are guaranteed pure preparation, without food colorings, preservatives, or processing aids. The company also prides itself on its ecological principles, including using eco-friendly packaging for its products.

The purpose of Micronutrients-Coach is to generate, collect, and share knowledge, a philosophy reflected throughout Biogena’s brand. Each product listing includes a detailed description and ingredient breakdown, and formulations are backed with thorough product studies, tests, and trials, so practitioners can prescribe and dose with confidence.

To learn about how Micronutrients-Coach can make prescribing supplements safer and easier, click here. Use the code MICRO50 for a discount at checkout.