Integrative Healthcare Policy: A Year in Review (2019) | Product


The healthcare industry—and the laws and policies that regulate the system—has been changing rapidly over the past few years. At the demand of both consumers and practitioners who advocate for a preventative, whole-person approach to care, the industry has started to shift away from the traditional “sick care” model and bring integrative medicine to the general public eye.

However, a real shift to integrative healthcare requires not only awareness and acceptance, but solid organizational, institutional, and policy change. This process historically includes standard-setting, self-regulation, and then governmental action. 

The purpose of this annual update is to summarize the past year’s successes, challenges, and progress in integrative healthcare policy on the national level. This includes key laws, actions, and other influential statements by both federal government and quasi-governmental agencies. The focus is on practitioners and their patient practices, as well as nutrition and product-related regulations that significantly affect integrative practitioners. In addition, we do our best to outline any significant progress made on the state level, specifically regarding licensing, mandates, and inclusion in state-specific legislation.  

As agents for this change, it has never been more important to remain at the forefront of this bridging between conventional and integrative care. We hope you find this resource useful in your endeavors.

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