Ancient Wisdom, Nutrigenomics, and the Future of Healthcare | Product


Presented by: Jeffrey Bland, PhD, FACN, FACB, CNS

Sometimes we can learn about the future by studying the past. With nutrition we might ask why certain diets, foods and nutrients have been associated in traditional cultures with long life and the absence of chronic disease. Is this all related to the genes of certain groups, or is it related to what they are eating and the lifestyles they have, or some combination of each? In this presentation, an exploration of this question will take the discussion to what we can learn from the past that will guide the development of personalized lifestyle healthcare in the future. The discussion will dive deep into the emerging understanding of the etiology of age-related chronic diseases and the biology of senescence. A takeaway from this presentation will be how better to understand and clinically apply the principles of nutrigenomics and nutritional epigenetics.